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No matter what’s going on in the world, you still need to engage your audience in ways that move hearts, change minds, and drive results.


Undiques has proven technical capabilities combined with broadcast-quality live streaming and multi-site know-how. We believe in the power of bringing people together. Cultivating cultures. Making communities. Telling stories. Keeping communication alive and flowing.


Undiques is just as passionate about building virtual events that are strategically fueled, thoughtfully crafted, beautifully designed, and smartly interactive. The best part is how scalable and modular virtual events can be… and everyone gets a front-row seat.

Digital Events Convey Your Brand Message & Generate Leads

Lead Scoring

Our high-end reporting offers in-depth statistics and recordings of user activity. Examine the success of your event and generate marketing qualified leads for your clients while increasing your ROI.

Interaction With Visitors

 Use interactive communication and online networking features such as private and public chats and video calls to your advantage. Additional features include polls, live Q&As, and breakout sessions.

Direct Access To Global Market

The scope and attendance of your event increase exponentially, both in your region and in the world market, by eliminating geographical limitations.

Technology Makes The Difference

Security & Data Privacy


We provide data security.   No need to worry about your business-critical information.

Data protection is key!

In-Depth Customization


Fully customizable event environments allow you to show off your talent for innovation, consistently increase the reach of your brand, and highlight sponsors. 

Detail Event Track


Track, and manage UTM codes directly in your event dashboard for any pre-event and post-event marketing campaigns.

We Create Outstanding Digital Events